The Boost power bank family immediately charges your phone battery back to 100% many times. Multiple USB ports allow you to charge more than one device and the digital display tells you exactly how much charging power you have left. Boost power banks are available in three different battery capacities; 5K, 10K, 20K.

Stay powered & connected for longer. Enjoy more talk time, video streaming or podcasts when you connect your phone to the Maxx Digital power bank . Armed with 30K charging capacity, you don’t have to worry about the power bank running low after a couple of hours of use. There’s enough to juice to charge a phone multiple times and other popular devices like earbuds, headphones and tablets. HP, Dell and Microsoft Surface Pro. Also charge multiple devices at once, including tablets, phones, earbuds, headphones and portable gaming devices. The Pro Series 25K delivers a colossal 118W total power across three USB ports, including 100W from a single USB-C port, whilst the Pro Series 20K delivers max charging output of 65W. STAY INCHARGE Work, live and play from anywhere. Charge USB-C laptops like MacBook Pro,

The Move is a light, compact design power bank with plentiful battery capacity, that makes it convenient to recharge your smartphone without adding much weight to your day-to-day gear. Dual USB charging ports lets you charge two phones simultaneously.

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